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Ryan Brown

Play Dead is so entertaining and clever, you don't have to enjoy zombies or even football to enjoy reading it - even non-sporrts fans who wouldn't know a Steeler from a Seahawk. Readers will be loath to put this debut down after the first chapter. From the hilarious high jinks of the characters to the cringe-worthy antics of the zombie football players, you'll be completely drawn in. The pacing will keep reading turning pages into the wee hours of the morning and the dialogue will have you laughing out loud. Brown's real talent is showcased by the tension he maintains for the entire story. Keep a watchful eye out for more from this gifted author!

SUMMARY: Cole Logan is the star quarterback for the Killington Jackrabbits, and he's having a bad day. A district championship is riding on his upcoming game against the archrival team, the Elmwood Badgers. Tension escalates when he's approached by masked thugs and told to lose the game - and they cut off a couple fingers to make their point.

Things go too far, and instead of merely blocking the road to keep the Jackrabbits from the big game, the steroid-induced Badgers manage to run the bus full of football players into the river. Everyone except the coach and Cole perish. Or do they? after a scary ritual in the woods, the Jackrabbits aren't dead, or alive. And if they don't win a game against the Badgers, in 48 hours, they will be evil. Evil and undead is not a good combination. Now it's up to Cole, the coach and his daughter Savannah to bring together the biggest rivalry football game ever played. The stakes have never been higher.

Terri Dukes

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